We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We are here to help you realize your technology potential. Technology was created to make our lives easier.


With over twenty years in the tech field we have the capability to make technology work for you instead of against you.

Six Spheres.
One Mission.
Unriveled Support.

Using these facets of connecting with our customers, repairing immediate needs, managing their enterprise, keeping cyber security in the forefront, and continuous monitoring we can provide unrivaled support for a company of one or one thousand.









What People Are Saying

Brandon possesses the qualities that any organization wants in its employees – leadership, capability, and work ethic.  Brandon also has the
technical ability to handle everything from everyday computer issues all the way to designing complex, corporate-level IT systems.

Price Mathieson

Vice President of Technology, LEAM Drilling Systems

Mr. Boyd exemplifies professionalism and skill. He manages all of my technology needs and consistently enhances the productivity of my veterinary practice. I greatly value our ongoing business relationship! Highly recommend!!!!!

Dr. Michael Thomas

Owner, Thomas Animal Clinic

Brandon is a skilled engineer who is dedicated to getting the job done right. While we were working together at Millar Instruments, he learned the importance of documentation and validation in a medical device environment. He has broadened his skill in the past years and he loves what he does more than ever.

Manager R&D

Millar Instruments